nettletontribe Wins Meriton Design Competition

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An ‘unfolded garden’ is the compelling vision for the Meriton, Pagewood project which was won through design competition. nettletontribe’s proposal was a stand out amongst a shortlist of five Sydney architectural practices and was designed to celebrate the spaces between buildings by making strong connections to the natural landscape through the manipulation of green space both horizontally and vertically within the built form.

A journey through a hierarchy of landscapes, from formal public spaces to private and intimate garden thresholds, fosters opportunities for occupants to connect with the natural world. Central semi-private gardens create positive outdoor spaces with edges and vistas. Planted facades create a green foreground to frame distant views and amplify the presence of nature. Podium gardens are expressed as a landscaped horizon and are positioned at the juncture between the grounded base and the floating tower.

The project accommodates 366 units in two facilities supported by recreational facilities and a childcare centre.