Balvenie Bar Design Competition

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The nettletontribe Sydney design studio has recently submitted a design for “The Balvenie Bar Design Competition”. The competition called for a distinctive bar for Scottish whisky company “The Balvenie” to be shown at the IDEA 2017 awards. Our design approach was to create a bar that embodies the very essence of Balvenie’s craft in whisky making and also to provide multiple experiences that stimulate the sense of the visitors:

Balvenie whisky is unique.

It is the only distillery in the Scottish Highlands that maintains the Five Rare Crafts of whisky making: home grown barley, malting floor, copper stills, cooperage, malt master.

It is “an age old skill, passed down by hand”.

We believe that knowledge of these five crafts and a deeper understanding of the making process is paramount to the whisky appreciation experience.

“You cannot open a book without learning something”

– Confucius

Every glass of Balvenie whisky has a story behind it. A story that is waiting to be told.

Through the pages of an open book this story will unfold. It will take you on the journey that will tantalise your imagination and excite the senses.

Be mesmerised by the soft glow of the liquid amber in rows of displayed bottles subtly shifting in colour as they age.

Feel the iconic shape of the bottle.

Hear the whisky being poured and lose yourself in the heady aromas as the bartender hands you a glass.

Swirl each mouthful around your palate and savour the taste that takes you back to the beginning of the journey – the golden fields of barley.

The spirit of craft lives on.