Brisbane Open House Art Exhibition

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This year sees Brisbane Open House celebrate 10 years. As part of this milestone, BOH are holding an art exhibition with artists, architects and designers showcasing their drawings from a curated list of buildings which are currently on display at the Institute of Architects Queensland Office until Sunday the 13th of October.

In the lead up to the exhibition, we ran a series of in-house workshops to support our participants in the preparation of submissions. The team shared skills, techniques and explored artistic mediums while drawing some of Brisbane’s most iconic architecture, ultimately building on our studio design culture.

Last night our Brisbane studio team visited the opening night of the exhibition where we collectively submitted 17 works from 8 participants. Each participant drew an iconic piece of Brisbane’s architecture of their choice, leading to an array of successful artworks.

Brisbane studio’s participants and their chosen building subjects:

Rebecca Champney: Rosemount & UQ Great Court

Nathan Ominski: Howard Smith Wharves & National Australia Bank

Steven Hodgson: Osbourne Hotel, Spring Hill baths & XXXX brewery

Quang Bui: UQ Clinical Research & Integrated Pathology

Madeleine Arrow: Spring Hill Reservoirs & The Edge

Gina Taylor: Brisbane Common Ground & The Tivoli

Ashleigh King: Eden Lane & FV Peppers

Stefanie Stoelen: Brickworks Design Studio & UQ Global Change Institute.