International Women’s Day 2023 #EmbraceEquity

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In support of this year’s International Women’s Day theme “embrace equity” we had the opportunity to learn and discuss what it means to create an equal and inclusive world.

We wanted to share what #EmbraceEquity means to us, and what nettletontribe have and will action to support equality.

How does nettletontribe support working parents?

The struggles of juggling a career in architecture and being a parent can be challenging when they should be rewarding. Recognising the benefits of working parents as employees while understanding the roadblocks preventing parents returning to work or engaging in meaningful ways allowed nettletontribe to implement strategies for an inclusive and flexible workplace.

We support working parents by; flexible work arrangements, parental leave policies, paid parental leave, employee assistance programs, peer support while on leave, and an understanding and supportive culture. Some of the changes we made were simple and easy to implement allowing both nettletontribe and our employees to thrive.

– Director of Operations, Amy Lyden

What does this years theme #embraceequity mean to you?

Embrace equity means listening to everyone’s voices and perspectives. Working towards creating an inclusive space where everyone feels valued and respected. It means acknowledging that we have a long way to go towards achieving true equity, but also committing ourselves to taking action towards that goal.

– Director, Donal Challoner

What approach should people take to eliminate gender bias?

Eliminating gender bias is to continue to challenge stereotypes, inwardly and externally. We always strive to promote diversity and inclusivity in how we work, who we work with, and where we work. As the world continues to evolve, we must leave the ‘traditional’ gender roles behind us and reinforce that all people are capable of all things.

– Associate, Kylie Fair

What can we do to help forge women’s equity?

Being self-aware, actively listening, seeing and noticing what gender biases look like and sound like are how we can identify situations of gender biases, and  inequity.

– Senior Associate, Greg Theodoridis

What approach do you take to challenge gender stereotypes and discrimination?

By listening, we allow ourselves to acknowledge the biases and assumptions that exists around us and within our own consciousness. By understanding, we can identify, and sympathise the prejudices of others. This lets us engage in inclusive dialogues of neutrality, diversity, and equality.

– Architect, Benedict Koh

How does nettletontribe aim to create positive visibility of women in the workplace?

nettletontribe creates positive visibility of women by generating equal opportunities for all employees within the workplace. They continue to foster a healthy and inclusive culture by promoting diversity and inclusion.

– Graduate of Architecture, Carol Ke

International Women's Day_nettletontribe