City of Sydney’s Design Competition

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We are thrilled to share our winning entry in the City of Sydney’s design competition for a Storhub multi-level storage facility in Alexandria.

Our design enhances the self-storage typology by integrating its unique features with the rich historical layers of Alexandria. This is accomplished through four fundamental approaches: boosting functionality, crafting a structure that converses with its environment, enhancing community support, and incorporating adaptability to meet future demands. By applying these principles, we aspire to create a space that is both innovative and deeply rooted in its historical context. Key features of our design include the re-establishment of an embankment to symbolize the creek edge, referencing the historical significance of Sheas Creek. The ‘Make a Space’ concept offers a versatile area for the people of Alexandria, fostering community engagement.

The building pulls in from the edges at the ground plane, providing a more generous public domain. We repurposed the existing on-site roof structures and materials as shading elements, respecting Alexandria’s industrial heritage but also reducing our embodied carbon footprint. A green roof is incorporated to reduce the urban heat island effect, promoting biodiversity, and creating opportunities for energy generation.

Our thoughtful facade design along Bourke Road eases the transition to neighbouring properties and integrates pedestrian-friendly zones near vehicle access points. Additionally, the future-proof grid and floor-to-floor heights facilitate future reuse, ensuring the building remains adaptable to evolving needs. This holistic approach not only celebrates the past but also anticipates the future, making the development a sustainable and community-oriented landmark.

A huge congratulations goes out to our dedicated team on this achievement! We look forward to working with Storhub and turning this concept into reality!