1 Litton Close

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Designed on behalf of Dexus, 1 Litton Close in Greystanes is comprised of warehouse, office and hardstand components set upon a prime location within the precinct. Visible from Prospect Highway, the attractive warehouse is expressed in a simple volumetric form, taking on the shape of the site to encourage greater flexibility for future building users.

The simple structure is complemented by interesting design elements such as the visually striking vertical blades which have been carefully angled to provide sun-shading while preserving unobstructed views towards Precinct B. A further row of timber blades running across the two-storey office highlights the entryway and forms a colonnade linking the entry of the office to the recreation area.

The building’s generous glass facade fills the office with light and adding a further sense of spaciousness and modernity. Located on the western side of the warehouse, the carpark and office gain exposure from Prospect Highway while the hardstand zone is located on the eastern side of the warehouse.