129-135 Bouverie Street

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The Bouverie Street project is the first Student Halls of Residence in Carlton by The University of Melbourne and UniLodge.

From the outset this project has strived to achieve an affordability to student’s unseens in our expanding CBD, while maintaining a high standard of inclusivity and belonging. The project has a population of 579 Students in a college style of accommodation with various shared common spaces supporting an array of differing social functions.

The massing responds contextually to its immediate neighbours by use of setbacks and a vertical slot to achieve horizontal curtilage when viewed up and down the street and from Lincoln Square. This slot is also aligned with the laneway directly opposite Bouverie Street while revealing the Grade C listed heritage print press building that anchors the corner site. The northern tower form is setback to allow the heritage building to read proud from the street edge.

The outer facing facades are wrapped in a darker material referencing the older darker brick heritage building dotted around the area while contrasting the black precast facades. By contrast the inner white facade emphasises the massing break from glancing angles while bouncing light into the depths of the building. At street level, some of the day to day functions are revealed to the street through a series of double height portals while the heritage building entry and windows will be restored to their original details.