339 Coronation Drive, Milton

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The refurbishment of the iconic John Oxley Centre and former Apple building at 339 Coronation Drive is located amongst Milton’s commercial offices and office parks. 339 has been repositioned with a new entry space, contemporary lobbies, new end of trip facility, gym, café, mezzanine and a redesign of the existing central courtyard.  

The key aspect of the refurbishment was to breathe new life into the central courtyardWorking closely with the client and project team, the central courtyard which flows seamlessly into the ground floor lobby has been reimagined as a garden lounge for tenants to use as an extension of their workspace. The central courtyard has been repurposed to be more comfortable and inviting and providing for multiple different spaces for small and large meetings, presentations, and break-out spaces 

The design of the End of Trip, internal lift lobbies, gym and new café were intended to juxtapose with the greenery and timber of the central atrium, slowly changing from tropical hub to streamlined and urban sophistication. The use of timber throughout the project warms the spaces countered by fresh white, industrial black and bold concrete elements.  

The new infill façade of glass and batten screening stitches the North and South towers together and creates a harmonious front to Coronation drive. The new façade provides protection to the central courtyard and a subtle gesture of the building’s new life.