78 Waterloo Rd, Macquarie Park

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Working in a dynamic design collaboration with Durie Design, the refurbishment for 78 Waterloo Rd creates a modern and reimagined commercial space for prospective tenants.

78 Waterloo Rd is an A Grade office building located in Macquarie Park, North-West of Sydney’s CBD. The client engaged nettletontribe interiors and Durie Design (Landscape) to introduce a sense of warmth to the existing aluminium, glass and concrete interior into the ground floor and on-floor lobbies. By fusing the existing elements with waves of warm timber cladding, curvaceous upholstered settings, internal gardens, and whimsical planter baskets, the commercial space transformed into an oasis.

The whimsical hanging papooses that sit in the perfectly symmetrical atrium creates a bold revelation and opportunity to include colour and biophilic design in the centre of the building. It’s sophisticated yet playful, corporate but warm. The design harmoniously plays these contradictions into a happy uplifting melody and repositions the building in the commercial office market.