Australian National University, Wamburun Hall

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Placed next to an early Australian mass planting of eucalyptus trees, the proposed built form consists of a series of five connected pods in a ‘pyriform’ floor plan. The sinous form enclosing an open ended courtyard space with a north facing aspect that links the pedestrian flow from the adjoining campus student accommodation.

The site was previously occupied by the Fenner School Field Services Building and the 1952 Lindsay Pryor Eucalyptus plantings. The 120 eucalyptus, which originally stretched over two miles are the only remnant left of the original plantings and are the most significant amenity asset on the site. The project provides 500 beds in a college format with individual student bedrooms and shared amenities including bathrooms, cooking, dining, lounging, study and other recreational facilities. The residence includes facilities that are shared with the whole university which includes a library / study, a gathering hall, reception and associated landscaped areas. The project gross floor area is approximately 15,000sqm over 7 storeys. The Pods are connected by hinges and loosely form a ‘U-Shape’ with a principle north facing college green towards Burton & Garran Hall.


  • Finalist, Commercial Building, Master Builders Excellence In Building Awards 2017