CDOP4, Coronation Drive

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Designed to set the standard for premium office spaces, the architecture of the office park showcases sleek and contemporary aesthetics that elevate the status of surrounding buildings within the park. With a bold glass facade, sweeping lines and extended curves, Coronation Drive Office Park 4 reimagines the concept of an iconic building complete with CBD and river views.

With a 5 Star Greenstar design rating incorporating innovative ESD principles, 16,000sqm of PCA A-grade commercial office accommodation has been delivered with a commitment to the highest levels of sustainable management.

Incorporating elements of good climatic design into the built form, an extended curve towards the north-east delivers climatic control while opening the floor plate up to dramatic city views.

Careful consideration of the core and lifting arrangements resulted in a structure which allows occupants and visitors to exit the lift lobby on each floor directly into sweeping views over the city and the Brisbane River.