CEVA Logistics

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Built by Richard Crookes Construction for CEVA Logistics, this purpose-built facility at Altis First Estate, Erskine Park integrates into the industrial surrounds and is located at the rear of the estate.

This efficient 36,000sqm warehouse, with a central breezeway of 4,500sqm is complete with warehouse offices and mezzanines strategically located to reduce pedestrian movement in high vehicular movement areas. With 2 offices sharing 1,800sqm, one single storey and the other over 2 storeys front the large drive around facility, which is connected to the west of Sydney.

Responding to the existing industrial developments on the outer edge of the estate, the large built form is broken down using variants of earthy tones prefinished metal sheeting and precast. It utilises the volume of the office as a key component to highlight points of destination.

The building comprises of 2 warehouses, warehouse A 14,000sqm and warehouse B 22,000sqm, linked together with a 4,500sqm breezeway and cross docking activities. Both office components have varying glazing heights and solid aluminium cladding with feature blades, which were integrated to deliver a high-level contemporary finish to the office structures.