Colchester, South Brisbane

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190 Vulture Street, South Brisbane is designed to provide students with high-quality, affordable accommodation with a collegiate lifestyle. The development offers a range of single and multi-bedroom shared student apartments to suit a variety of living preferences and budget price points.

The building design encourages daily interaction between staff and students through the design of the entrance, reception and circulation spaces. The ground level amenities further enhance the student experience, offering a residential commons with associated outdoor recreation spaces and some ancillary retail, which could house a small grocer, hairdresser or café. Further communal areas throughout the building include study rooms, a theatrette, laundry and courtyard garden.

The building and grounds offer a high level of security with consideration given to student safety and pastoral care. Accordingly, building access is restricted to residents, staff and invited guests only. The building is designed in accordance with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles and incorporates active access control and surveillance systems.