Colonial First State Workplace Fitout

400 George St NSW - Colonial First State
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nettletontribe were honoured to design and deliver the Colonial First State (CFS) workplace at 400 George Street, Sydney. The project involved refurbishing six levels of existing office space and creating a new front-of-house area on Level 15, consisting of reception, meeting rooms, a client lounge, and short-stay work settings.

To guide the design direction, clear design drivers were established based on the client’s values and extensive consultation. These drivers were organic flow, resilience, and community, and they greatly influenced the space planning and materiality of the design.

The Level 15 front-of-house area was designed to celebrate the ecological diversity and natural beauty of the Australian landscape. It embodies the concept of organic flow, inspired by the way water shapes the rugged landscape over time, resulting in soft and sinuous forms. The design also highlights nature’s resilience and adaptability. The carefully curated earthy materials palette, peppered with deep burgundy, umber, and slate blue tones is reminiscent of the tones of the Australian outback, whereas the Tasmanian oak laminate panelling provides a calming and sophisticated backdrop to these hues.

Sustainability was a key consideration in material selection, and the integration of plants throughout the fitout promotes a sense of well-being for the occupants.

To foster connectivity and collaboration, the design incorporates various settings and spaces for communal interactions, such as the flowing ceiling design in the Level 15 front-of-house area and the inclusion of short-stay work settings and lounges throughout the space. Additionally, social gathering areas like the ‘chill out’ zone on Level 11 encourage staff to come together and contribute to a sense of community.

Overall, the design aims to create a workplace that not only meets functional requirements but also embraces nature, promotes resilience, and fosters a sense of community among its occupants.