Greenway Views, Stage 2

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The new village at Greenway Views captures the core principles of LDK – Love, Decency and Kindness. nettletontribe’s design brings together the vibrancy of a seniors’ living community with the care capabilities residents require in their ageing journey.

Greenway Views is now in development of its second and final stage which is to be constructed within two of the five existing buildings that previously housed the Federal Government Department of Social Services. nettletontribe’s design ultimately supports residents’ choice, purpose and most importantly, is their own home.

The project aspires to capture the essence of an elegant home for the residents who are looking to downsize and have care delivered into the privacy of their new home if or when they need it with 24/7 onsite care. Stage 2 of Greenway Views offers 117 new apartments with seamlessly integrated state-of-the-art technology. As part of LDK’s One Move Promise®, the Village will be market leading, with non-invasive technology solutions aimed at supporting residents right through to end of life.

Responding to LDK’s brief, the interior design features elegant yet comfortable spaces for the residents to call home. Drawing from the colours of nature, nettletontribe derived four interior’s schemes to offer a diversity of taste for residents. Pops of green or blue paired with classic accents and detailing meet the modern interiors aesthetic.

Seeking to design a communal space where the design encourages residents to gather and socialise, the communal bar was a significant element of the overall project. The key conceptual drivers were to combine a modern tropical haven with a vintage lounge. With an abundance of textures, colours and prints, it delivers a welcoming atmosphere for residents as they socialise and relax. Nooks frame the fireplace, designed in a vintage style and embracing the charm of antiquity. The bar layout creates pockets of spaces. Residents are offered quiet, cosy spaces by the fireplace, whereas the bar opens upwards and outwards to frame the panoramic views of the Brindabellas. Utilising the time-honoured elements of classic interior detailing, nettletontribe’s design enhances the bold elements against the background of contemporary aesthetics and functionality.