Greystanes, 2 Basalt Road

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Building A, 2 Basalt Road is a 20,000m² freestanding distribution centre providing twin tenancies with associated office spaces of 1000m² and 500m². Architectural expression is reserved for the office component of the building which employs a generous entry awning and detailed articulation of the exterior including glazed and timber elements. A timber entry portal is used to signify thresholds, manage building scale and present a more human-scaled public interface.

The tough industrial edges of the metal clad warehouse are softened by the use of timber elsewhere.  Visual interest manifests in the structural timber portal frame which is strengthened by a secondary system of infill timber blades.

Rainwater harvesting and on site storm water retention are integrated design elements as are swale formations which are provided on the site verge to assist in the irrigation of landscaping. ESD principals and initiatives are achieved as part of a commitment to a 4-star Green Star rating.