Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital Redevelopment, Stage 2

hornsby ku-ring-gai
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The redevelopment of the HKH was recognised as a necessity as early as 2002, with a number of reports concluding that the existing and aging infrastructure is no longer adequate. As part of the ongoing Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital Redevelopment project, nettletontribe worked with Health Infrastructure NSW to design the three components which comprise the second stage of the development; the main building tower spanning over six stories, the main entry, and the extension of the existing Emergency Department (HOPE).

The Stage 2 Main Building primarily houses the new inpatient units, and is adjacent to the completed STAR building, complementing the built form and materials to create a cohesive street elevation. Additionally, the Emergency Department and the Main Entry building is built around existing and new landscapes to create a welcoming entry to the hospital’s main entrance off Palmerston Road.

nettletontribe designed the interiors to complement the new architectural articulation, as well as create a strong sense of place, connectivity, and community. The public entry is an open, friendly, and welcoming space, in a design that moves away from the clinical norm for medical institutions. The considered balance in the neutral base palette is utilised to assist in wayfinding within the hospital. Finishes were carefully selected to create a soft, tactile, and contemporary look, yet maintain functionality and durability.

Within the building, the central stair is transformed into a large-scale artwork, developed in collaboration by artists Jade Oakley and Jessica Birk, the design draws on Jessica’s cultural heritage and the genius loci of the Hornsby region. A beacon from the street, the prominence of the art further assists in orienting visitors throughout the building. Within the hospital, a Mortuary Courtyard has been designed to provide the local community with a dedicated space for their cultural rituals.

hornsby ku-ring-gai