Kareena Private Hospital

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The capacity and services of Kareena Private Hospital were greatly improved through extension and refurbishment upgrade works, delivered for Ramsay Healthcare. Stage 1 of these works comprised a new state-of-the-art theatre and procedure room, CSSD upgrade, new beds and rehabilitation ward with a hydrotherapy pool.

Existing operating theatres were boosted with a new state-of-the-art theatre equipped with Stryker pendants and integrated technology. An additional new procedure room, also with Stryker pendants, was incorporated in response to the increasing number of day surgery procedures. The new rehabilitation unit with a hydrotherapy pool and gym enhance amenity while new ward beds cater for the increase in theatre loads.

Each new addition to the hospital was carefully designed around the existing operating and recovery rooms which remained fully functional during construction. To further support the growth of the hospital, the planned Stage 2 development will include two new 32-bed wards and an administration floor.