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nettletontribe was entrusted with the responsibility of designing and delivering a sophisticated interior design solution for Matilda Nepean Private Hospital, located in Kingswood Western Sydney. Situated adjacent to the Nepean Public Hospital, this 90-bed sub-acute facility offers mental health and rehabilitation services to patients in need. Our design approach focused on replicating the refined ambiance of a luxurious boutique hotel, with an unwavering emphasis on patient comfort, care, and hospitality.

At the heart of our design brief was the goal of creating an environment that provides top-quality rehabilitation healthcare and balanced functional necessities with a commitment to promoting overall well-being. Our core concept was based on Matilda Healthcare’s goals while also incorporating elements that reflected their context – the mountains – with the fluidity of watercolour. This resulted in a soft, cohesive theme throughout the private hospital.

The entryway was designed to reflect an upmarket private hospital and the quality care it represents. The ground reception’s palette featured deeper colours of navy, browns, and darker timber to establish a professional hub. A custom-designed batten screen reflected the mountain ranges with layered watercolour finishes, creating a sense of depth. Careful selections of colour schemes for each sector, including the mental health and rehabilitation floors, enhanced easy identification and instilled a sense of calmness and tranquillity for patients.

We collaborated with esteemed Sydney-based photographic artist, Pamela Pauline, to further elevate the concept of integrating the landscape into interior design. Pauline’s artistic contributions truly enlivened the space, adding unparalleled beauty and connection to the surroundings.

Matilda Nepean Private Hospital excels in providing specialised inpatient care and day programs that prioritise health and well-being. Patients benefit from personalised treatment and care plans, complemented by engaging group activities that enhance their overall experience. In tandem with a meticulous and collaborative interior design strategy, this hospital prioritised the creation of a welcoming and comfortable environment for both patients and staff, without compromising on functionality and durability. The outcome is a holistic and human-centered approach to healthcare design.