Matilda Private Hospital Nepean

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Set at the foot of the Blue Mountains and in close proximity to the Nepean River, Matilda Private is a private hospital which includes a mental health unit and rehabilitation. nettletontribe’s design aligns with Matilda Healthcare’s goals to create spaces that promote healing and wellness for their patients.

Key spaces draw inspiration from the landscape to create strong connections to place and the community. The master palette is heavily influenced by nature, creating a fluid transition throughout the interiors from ground floor entry to the level four inpatient bedrooms. The entry and waiting showcase a darker hue to reflect the base of forest floor and the feature deep blue acts as an ode to the river but also to indicate the more corporate use at reception.

The private hospital acts as a transition from the hospital to home and thus it was integral to ensure the feeling of home is integrated into the shared lounges and corridors and the inpatient bedrooms.

The neutral base palette is offset with warm timbers to reiterate the connection to nature. Paired with the considered colour selection of calming blues and restorative greens an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation & healing is achieved.

Each aspect of the design contributes to the familiarity of home to ensure comfort of patients and staff, whilst maintaining functionality and durability. The result is a holistic and human centric approach to healthcare design.