Nundah Community Health Centre

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Responding to Queensland Health’s directive, Nundah CHC is the amalgamation of a diverse range of services in a responsive and sensitive design, providing a revitalised health facility for use by the local community. Strategically positioned in a suburban residential area the building incorporates key features of the local vernacular.

Built Form

Familiar forms of pitched roof with overhanging eaves are combined with a palette of domestic materials of brick, timber and corrugated metal sheeting to ensure this building dismisses any institutional connotations. Clerestory windows flood the majestic internal volume with natural light filtering down to the workstations below.

The incorporation of sunshading devices to the western facades, and other areas, has been determined by facade analysis. Prefabricated materials are also incorporated where appropriate to address life-cycle/maintenance issues.

Design Process

Prior to schematic design, development of the brief and project definition plan revealed the need to increase the proposed floor area of the building. The realisation of this requirement at the initial consultation stage of the project allowed the client to proactively reassess the budget and proceed with confidence.

Throughout the design process, extensive and regular consultation with user groups enabled an in-depth and detailed understanding of the everyday working requirements of the spaces. It further allowed spatial relationships between different uses and functions to emerge and inform the design process.