Quarry Road, Erskine Park

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This bold warehouse structure, located at 89 Quarry Road, Erskine Park was designed on behalf of FDC. Through clever design and an exercise in form and function, the warehouse takes full advantage of the space available on site while providing flexibility and adaptability for future users.

The distinctive Manor Red wall sheeting makes a powerful statement and adds to the visual identity of this modern industrial building. The sheeting is set across the corner of the building, highlighting where the office space meets the warehouse. Interesting angles and a sharp contrast between horizontal and vertical panelling create interest while timber blades provide sun shading for the recreation area and visually separate the office entry from this space.

The carpark component along the street front acts as a level transition between street and main warehouse building.  The raise in level creates a welcoming deck area at the front of the warehouse which leads from the street level to the office.