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qubec is a collection of eighteen townhouses, each featuring three bedrooms, that are arranged around a beautifully landscaped courtyard. Nestled in the picturesque suburb of Newport within Sydney’s Northern Beaches, qubec draws inspiration from the traditional vernacular of beach houses in the area, elevating it with a contemporary urban flair.

Spanning across a 3700m2 site that was previously occupied by six large private homes, qubec serves as a transition point between the low-density single residential dwellings to the east and a lively village anchored by a popular waterfront hotel to the west.

In order to enrich the qubec experience, multiple gardens and green spaces were integrated into the development as a means of separating the townhouses. Through a conscious decision to decrease the number of townhouses, the emphasis was placed on creating open spaces and communal areas for residents to enjoy. This approach offers various advantages, including increased access to greenery, natural light, and extended views throughout the development.

qubec’s commitment to smart, sustainable, and high-quality housing is evident in each townhouse, which is equipped with its own solar arrays and in-garage charging systems. Additionally, the development features state-of-the-art amenities such as number plate recognition car park access, biometric front door access, battery energy storage, voice control capabilities, hydronic in-slab heating, and a unique three-level void with an operable skylight. This skylight creates a convection draw to continually circulate air, enhancing the comfort and airflow within the townhouses.

qubec not only enhances the visual appeal of the surrounding streetscapes, but it also improves the connection between the public domain and streetscape through the re-planting and gentrification of a large council-owned verge facing Queens Parade. The site’s sloping topography, and orientation were utilised to maximise the comfort and water views from each dwelling. The introduction of a stepped carpark solution played a critical role in establishing a harmonious relationship between the architectural structure and the immediate surroundings. The stepped carpark not only grounds each townhouse but also contributes significantly to the overall streetscape. Additionally, the design of each townhouse follows a simple built form that gracefully descends the hill, resulting in a reduction in mass, height impact, and the opportunity for residents to enjoy views across the townhouses below.

The design objective to maximise water and bushland views guided much of the townhouse planning and functionality. To prioritise the best view opportunities, a hierarchy was established, resulting in the decision to elevate the living, kitchen, and dining areas to the second level. This level provides stair access to an open roof terrace, perfect for entertaining and enjoying the breathtaking views. On the first level, the bedrooms were positioned, as their view was deemed less critical and instead, they overlook the street. Furthermore, each townhouse is equipped with an individual lift that grants access to all levels.

Distinctly standing out from the traditional architectural style of the Northern Beaches, qubec defies convention and presents a truly unique structure. The exterior boasts a minimal selection of durable and easy-to-maintain materials, such as concrete, steel, and glass. This deliberate choice not only ensures a strong and long-lasting structure but also makes a bold statement in the area.

qubec is a deliberate departure from the typical low-density development in Newport, aiming to align with the character of its residents and make a positive impact on the vibrant ambiance of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. This intentional duality not only aligns with the existing energy but also has the potential to elevate it over time.