Site H, Erskine Park

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At the end of Templar Road Erskine Park stands this modern, modular, multi-unit industrial facility consisting of Warehouses A and B. The facility comprises 27,000m2 of warehouse space and 2500m2 of office space, which has been flexibly designed to enable subdivision into five tenancies.

Warehouse A, facing Templar Road creates a statement with its attention-grabbing office elevated above street-level. Distinctive feature framing across the office building facade creates a sense of dimension and interest. Located at the eastern end of Warehouse A is the warehouse component, while car parking and office components are situated at the western end, each with separate entrances.

Accessible from Templar Road, Warehouse B sits towards the end of the site with design solutions allowing subdivision across two tenancies. The corresponding office is located on the northern side of the building opposite the car park and, like the Warehouse A space, sits elevated over the warehouse.