Sonic Healthcare

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Sonic Healthcare are a global parent company of many healthcare practices that make up the Sonic Healthcare Group.

Housing corporate offices, call centre and multiple meeting facilities equipped with state of the art technology, the workplaces provides an open plan working arrangement for Sonic Healthcare, Brisbane. The functional requirements of Sonic Healthcare are merged with a striking design aesthetic, showcasing the company values and unique qualities of the occupant in a contemporary workplace.

Sleek black walls curving and weaving over the 2,300 sqm floor plate enables staff to move easily through the workspace, whilst maintaining visual connections to the cityscape beyond. The design creates individual moments throughout the fit-out providing interest along generous corridors and communal staff spaces. A monochrome palette is accented by the Sonic Healthcare brand colours, reinforcing the corporate identity, whilst sophisticated use of lighting ensures exceptional task-lighting for efficient work.

Working closely with the project’s services consultants, the nettletontribe interior design team realised a space where both primary and complex function was met and showcased. Innovative responses to design challenges allowed for a fit-out that is unique to, and deeply representative of, its occupants.