St Luke’s, Greengate

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St Luke’s Green, Buranda is located in Brisbane’s inner south. It will comprise 61 independent living units and a 51 bed Residential Aged Care Facility.

The St Luke’s project and design has always been influenced around creating a stronger community and social connectedness of its residents.

With this in mind the project included the revitalization of the existing St.Luke’s Catholic Church, which forms the catalyst for the aged care community mixing with the local community. The design reinforces the churches importance for the residents and community by being centrally located with the Aged Care wrapping around it on 3 sides. The project also allows the public to utilize a cross-block linkage through the site emphasizing a welcomeness for the community to connect with the surrounding residents.

Large landscaped zones surrounding the church provides an opportunity for the ground floor common spaces to spill out and enjoy the quality landscaping.

These common spaces have an aesthetic that is traditional in character and provides the residents with a feeling of “home” that also emphasises a meaningful lifestyle.

A large Dining room catering for the purpose of meals/dining as well as a meeting space promoting socialisation. It is a space that caters for all residents at any one time, in a layout which promotes flexibility in groupings. The Dining room is inviting and stimulating on a domestic scale, resembling the familiar setting, stimulating the senses, by combining food, taste, smells, service with conversating and interaction.

The Lounge is designated for all residentail group activities, visitors and family for special occasions. The design has a multi-purpose and flexible arrangement for residents to engage in organised activities such as small gatherings crafts/games, entertainment etc. This space is supported by other resident spaces such as a cafe and hairdresser. In particular the cafe provides an opportunity to meet with family in a relaxed atmosphere outside of their apartment.

The residential apartments have an architectural character and aesthetics that mimics the residents familiar home settings. This being a modern interpretation of the “Queenslander” with large sun protected balconies providing shade and opportunities to gather outside of their apartment.

This contemporary design provides a “Liveable Architecture” that residents feel at home in.

Overall, St Luke’s has provided a positive experience to the residents and to the community at large.


  • Winner, Design Excellence, National Retirement Living Awards 2017