UQ Gatton

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nettletontribe was engaged to design additional student accommodation to sit alongside four existing halls of residence at UQ Gatton. The bold structure comprises 50 twin-bed apartments elevated atop vertical and angled beams, with wooden panels and vertical features adding warmth to its minimalistic and contemporary palette.

Flanked by the Inner Ring road, Hall road, Pitt Hall, and the pedestrian path network, the site is in close proximity to the social club, dining hall and café, as well as the nearby environmental park. The design and layout of this living and learning environment promotes positive community living, strengthens pedestrian connections, and enhances the overall student experience by responding to the surrounding landscape as both an aesthetic and social setting.

Thoughtful design considers both the individual and collective with associated amenities such as recreation and shared cooking facilities, administration services, and generous ancillary conference and meeting spaces.

Hard and soft landscape works further reinforce the scale and materiality of the Gatton campus context, enhancing livability with recreational courtyards and under croft spaces.