Verdana, Miranda

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Immersed in the heart of Miranda’s thriving retail precinct, Verdana Miranda boutique apartments have been designed by the nettletontribe team to add a new architectural dimension to this high-growth area of Sydney.

The brief from our client, BRDB, was to design a residential apartment building which would take advantage of the corner location, views to the nearby park, whilst responding to the existing landscape garden setting characteristics in the area. We chose to visually separate the building into three major components, which each respond to various orientations and assets of the site.

Our vision delivers three separate building forms, designed around beautifully landscaped gardens creating a lush green backdrop to the apartments. Light, views and functionality are all cleverly maximised to achieve ambient spaces, with excellent cross-flow ventilation capturing cool breezes. A rooftop entertaining terrace crowns the development, creating an alfresco sanctuary with stunning views across the city.

According to project director Jeremy Bishop: ‘Our focus was to provide generous landscaped areas which surround the building and extend vertically to each level of the building by introducing extensive planters, particularly to the major front face of the building, thus connecting the building to the surrounding suburb.’

The project is currently under construction with Lords Group. For more information visit: