West Village Stage 2A, Arcadia North Gallery

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Arcadia North Gallery is located off Little Jane Lane at the western end of West Village, an established master planned heritage community with cafés, restaurants and parklands in Brisbane’s West End. The high-density residential project forms part of West Village Stage 2A and when completed will include 2 towers of 1 to 4 bedroom apartments over a single level shared landscaped podium. Completed in 2019, North Gallery comprises 53 luxury apartments, with the South Gallery to provide 110 apartments.

Drawing from Japanese aesthetics and culture, the series of high quality common spaces and owner occupier apartments also references the subtropical location of West End.The early stages of the project involved extensive design collaboration between nettletontribe, SJB Interiors, Plus Architecture and Akira Isogawa. As described by Sekisui House Australia, Akira takes his design cues from nature and combines them with a nod to his Japanese heritage and a sense of tranquility, space and beauty in the luxury apartments.

Working with the original DA, the nettletontribe team evolved the design and developed the interiors concept. The outcome of which ties the new Arcadia Residences with the existing West Village developments. Arcadia North Gallery features a seven-metre-high lobby with a sub-tropical garden conservatory, and resident facilities of a pool, cinema, library and private club room. The two towers will be joined with a shared podium that includes individual meditation spaces, outdoor kitchen and dining areas and a 1,000sqm Japanese Chusizen.