Our Sustainability Action Plan

This is our action plan, and like the subject of its origins, this statement is evolving and continually being updated. Our plan is broken down into the following points:

We have created a team to deliver and champion this change called ‘The Architects Declare + Sustainability Focus Group’.

We became carbon neutral in 2020 by making some internal operational changes and offsetting our carbon. We have formulated a plan of action currently being implemented to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our need to offsets our carbon consumption each year.

We provide formal and informal training and education to all our staff to ensure the advice we give and the design decisions we make are founded on strong, evidence-based sustainability principles.

We encourage staff to adapt behaviours by being more eco-conscious, i.e recycling, printing less, using air conditioning less frequently, favouring videoconferencing and virtual meetings over flying or driving to attend meetings physically.


We encourage and support staff in practicing sustainability at home, with the understanding that this action will become a feedback loop into the decisions made within their designs. We encourage staff to consider the carbon footprint of their commute and if cycling or public transport is a viable alternative to driving.

We endeavour to collaborate with clients, consultants, and contractors effectively to push for considered and environmentally sustainable solutions.

We look to build upon our standards, best practices, specifications, and templates to improve our designed outcomes and create better buildings. This process is to continually be reviewed and updated as necessary.

Outreach and Advocacy
We pledge to share our knowledge and findings with clients, consultants, and fellow professionals. We advocate for the continuation of information sharing in a transparent manner and encourage our peers to participate in this initiative.