WSU Centre for Smart Modern Construction

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nettletontribe has always been strong in partnering on projects; working collaboratively with building partners to achieve great built outcomes. We have invested in the Centre for Smart Modern Construction (c4SMC) because we believe this centre will provide a great link between industry and university and why we encourage our business partners to do the same.

Western Sydney University has proved to be an ideal location for the c4SMC initiative.  It is a young university, situated in a rapidly growing region, with a growing reputation for teaching, learning and research.

Innovation in design and construction starts from the inception of the design process. By partnering in this program, we remain focused on innovation at the core of what we do.

As architects we can implement innovation of Smart Modern Construction and support the advancement of the construction industry into the future.

Thinking about the challenges of implementation of Smart Modern Construction requires a re-thinking of what we do and how we do it. The fundamental of the trade-based approach will shift to an elemental approach. We will see a smarter industry providing building partners providing off site manufacture of building components.

nettletontribe and their partnership with the new centre at Western Sydney University will help built the Smart Build Lab providing direct connection between industry and university where we will see practical application of innovations constructed and available to study.

Pictured are nettletontribe’s Bernard Waller and Western Sydney University Professor David Chandler OAM at the event at WSU’s Parramatta campus in recognition of nettletontribe’s sponsorship of c4SMC. Pictured is also the two recipient’s of this year’s Smart Modern Construction undergraduate scholarship, Jess and Alex.