Lifestyle Working, Brookvale

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Lifestyle Working is an assertive and innovative rethinking of the workplace into contemporary, flexible and economical nodes.

A robust palette of metal sheeting, blockwork, steel, recycled hardwood, glass and concrete throughout the structure echoes the surrounding industrial streetscape. Contrastingly, the suites are pared back materially, offering occupants flexibility for individuality in design.

Inspired by Hugh McKay’s notion of a verandah society, three levels of suites surround a main-street, where a multitude of informal outdoor meeting spaces facilitate and foster communication. A courtyard café, octagonal nooks for intimate chats, rooftop and poolside meeting spaces each promoting a balanced outdoor/indoor working lifestyle.

With a focus on sustainability, key design features include natural ventilation, water harvesting, passive and active energy solutions and optimum control options for individual owners and occupiers. As the first strata office building to deliver a 5 Star NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) rating, Lifestyle Working sets the benchmark in sustainable design.


  • Commendation, Commercial Architecture, AIA Awards 2010